Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating change can be difficult on your own. Through integrative mentoring, you can learn to develop self awareness and self acceptance. I offer support and guidance through times of change and hardship and share effective strategies to help you overcome obstacles and identify what is holding you back.

Everybody, regardless of gender, age or reason can benefit from integrative healing sessions. Often, people simply want to gain more clarity, have more energy or create a deeper connection within themselves, with family or in relationships.

If you’d like to meet me to explore the connection before you book a session, please book a complimentary call.

In the sessions, we will focus on your life and your relationships, and discover how heartfelt support and accountability can lead the way to deeper self understanding and self responsibility.

During this process, your understanding of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions will come to the surface. We can use these to develop a deeper inner awareness. I will support and guide you in exploring techniques that can help you find balance and understand the useful role of discomfort to facilitate change.

You will leave sessions feeling lighter, more empowered and with a greater sense of self and purpose.

No. A referral from a GP is not required to work with me. Often people connect me through recommendations from their family and friends, who I have worked with, but no recommendations are necessary.

Unfortunately, integrative mentoring sessions, group programs and retreats are unable to be covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance.

Throughout my life I have learned that when life doesn’t work out the way we expected, having the skills and practices to support yourself is important.

I specialise in the recognition of emotional pain and sharing practices of support to create greater ease. These areas include;

Forgiveness and acceptance therapy


Grief counselling

Increasing self confidence and self esteem


Physical movement as medicine

Every person and goal is unique. It really depends on what feels right for you. There is benefit, even from experiencing one session. But understandably, creating sustainable change takes time, as you learn new skills and responses.

Group and Individual programs offer longer term support and accountability and allow the space to learn how to live your life in a way that is beneficial for you.

You’re welcome to chat about this with me on a complimentary call or to learn more about our offerings click here.

No, not at all. There are no prerequisites to booking a session, program or retreat. Just the will to learn and be supported.

I offer a combination of practical holistic mentoring that includes counselling, body and breath awareness, reformatting your perception and expanding your sense of self. I help you connect with the problems in your life and use them as the doorway through creating change on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Unfortunately I do not work with people under the age of 16. However if you are looking for integrative mentoring for children, I would be happy to provide some recommendations and point you in the right direction.