Learn to Connect and Embrace Your Confidence.

Learn to recognise and change self-sabotaging behaviour and discover a different way of being.

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Because sometimes we become stuck in habits and behaviours that prevent us from moving towards health, happiness and peace.

I know how difficult it is to feel gratitude, peace and joy, during times of overwhelm.

Creating sustainable change in your mindset and behaviours moves you towards a deeper understanding of "why" you respond the way you do and skills on" how" to change your unhealthy behaviours and connect with your true potential.
This is where I can help you.


Welcome, I’m Caroline,

I’m here to listen, empower and encourage you, so that you can learn to question and change your outdated beliefs and responses. Let me empower you with the skills to shift out of stress and learn to understand yourself and your behaviours.

Combining years of education and experience, I can help you transform and embrace times of change as a way to rediscover your true identity and reconnect with your body-mind wisdom.

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Discover the path towards becoming your most authentic self

Learn how to manage stress and overwhelm during times of change and journey towards a place of hope where reconnection and renewal can occur within your relationship with yourself and then other people.


A supportive space to discover new ways to understand yourself and  reclaim your own power and magnificence.



Connect with like minded people, explore new ways of processing and discover the true courage to live your best life.



Gentle mind-body programs
that take you on a journey
of self transformation and empowerment.


Leave feeling lighter, less troubled and uplifted.

Guided Meditations

Tools for resilience in turbulent times


Stories of transformation and empowerment

“I arrived at my first healing session with a deep sense of despair and when I started talking to Caroline, I felt carried, held in a genuine authentic heart, and I could speak in a way that opened me up again. I received healing, no judgement, just presence and a deep sense of allowing. Deep gratitude  to you Caroline. Thank you for listening and being present without trying to fix or advise me.  I leave the session with a deeper sense of self and a different perspective on my life.”

June, Individual Single Session client

“Caroline is a wise, generous and intuitive woman who has guided and inspired me. She has helped me shift old patterns and unravel past hurts, uplifted me from my low spots and celebrated my joys. She’s urged me to seek my truth, find my power and choose my own life. The “see you soon” vibe of having that next visit booked, made me feel grounded, held, strong and stable. She is a little bit magic, a rare gem. I feel very grateful and fortunate to have connected with her.”

Jo Tregear, 6 Month Personal Program client

“If you are ready to be held, guided and learn practices that soothe and support your healing now and in the future, this is the program for you. It will be life changing! You will go on an inner journey to gently explore your inner being, your core beliefs, values, wounds, internal blocks and narratives. The course has connected me back to me, provided me with opportunities to sit with the uncomfortable safely and to create healthy boundaries. For those reading this considering change. If you want to make real changes and be free to be you, this is the course for you.”

Kylie, 6 Month Self Evolvement Program client

“Caroline is an extraordinary mentor and counsellor. I spent 6 months working closely with her on a one to one basis and still continue to see her every month or so. Her integrity, practice wisdom, bodywork and counselling skills are incredibly restorative and healing for me. I continue to grow and move through the challenges and joys of life with her gentle guidance. I feel very blessed to have Caroline walking alongside me.  

LD, 6 Month Personal Program client

"I have been seeing Caroline for over 5 years having in person sessions and sessions via phone and Zoom. As someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,  I could not always travel.  But even now I’ve moved to New Zealand, Caroline is still my number 1,  go to person. The sessions work just as well via Zoom and I'm so grateful that I can still have sessions. When times are tough or when I have a big challenge, honestly I don't know what I'd do without her. I just don't trust anyone else. Thank you Caroline, your work is amazing.”

Verity, Zoom Session client

“Caroline is such a gifted practitioner of healing, her warm presence and groundedness facilitates such a beautiful connection with her clients. I was able to find my centre with Caroline's care, non-judgement and compassion. She provides practical, grounded tools for coping, offering a beautiful, gentle integration of true self. I found I have always had significant breakthroughs and come away with more energy and vitality after her sessions. Thank you Caroline for shining your light!”

MS, 6 Month Personal Program client


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