Integrative Energy Healing - Group Sessions

Integrate Your Energy - Connect With Your Flow - Small Group Sessions

1 Session | 45 min | $70pp | In-Person

Open to people who have experienced individual sessions

These groups are open to people who have already had at least one session with me.

Each session begins with a gentle breath practice and guidance on how to create your own personal intentions and aspirations.

You will also be guided on how to move your energy through your body. As your energy flows more freely, your body may react with subtle movements releasing physical, emotional or mental blocks which have been stored within your body.

At the end of the session, you may feel lighter, more relaxed, less burdened and physically rejuvenated.

There are up to four people in each session with the power of the group's energy multiplying your healing experience. The energetic rebalancing and healing occur on massage tables within a safe and supportive environment.

These are ideal sessions if you would like to experience a somatic healing experience without the burden of sharing your life story.

You are encouraged to arrive with an open mind and an intention of release of that which no longer serves you and your higher purpose.


6 Month Personal Development Program

January 2025

Online & In person
12 Individual Sessions
7 x Online Group Gatherings 
1 x Online Meditation

Are you looking for a broader understanding of life? As you lean towards the unfamiliar and natural discomfort that change brings, you are able to cultivate clarity and view the world from a different perspective. These sessions will provide you with consistent support through transitions and techniques to reframe your perceptions and gain a sense of self assurance and self belief. 

The program consists of twelve individual Embodiment & Empowerment Sessions, 7 New Moon Gatherings and 1 Full Moon Meditation.  

Our Moon Gatherings and Meditations are online and provide an opportunity to partake in soul-fulfilling grounding exercises, guided meditations and an invitation to connect and share with a like minded community. The next program begins in July 2024.

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