Integrative Mentoring, Embodied Psychotherapy

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Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Mount Martha

Integrative Mentoring & Embodied Psychotherapy

Short Personal Program

3 sessions | 55-min each | $585 | Online or in-person

The 3 Session Personal Program guides you through to a different perception of your current challenge, a broader understanding of an illness, or clarity to problems within relationships.

Imagine yourself living freer from your past trauma and being able to live in congruence with your true authentic self.

Learn simple somatic-focused skills to enhance your self confidence and self belief, so that you can change and enhance your relationship with yourself.

This program will also provide you with techniques and support to reconnect with your uniqueness and a sense purpose.

All sessions are informal and relaxed. Within a safe, non-judgemental space for you to share, learn, grow and feel supported.

You will receive an audio recording with key points of reflection after each of the three sessions.


Integrative Mentoring & Embodied Psychotherapy

3-Month Personal Program

Uniquely Created for you

6 sessions | 55-min each | $1,500 | Online or in-person

These bespoke Personal Programs are for you if you want live feeling more at ease and at peace within you and your body. If you are open to receiving heart based support, accountability and suggestions to enable long lasting change.

The program consists of 6 sessions with pre and post-session questions and reflections. You will receive a personalised weekly guided meditation reflective of your current life situation and email support.

In the individual sessions you will learn skills and techniques to reframe your perceptions and let go of past pain and traumas.

The sessions are informal and relaxed. They are offered within a safe, non-judgemental space for you to share, learn and grow.

Payment plans are available.


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Individual Session

Integrative Mentoring & Embodied Psychotherapy

1 Session | 55min | $195 | Online or in-person

These holistic sessions explore the role of your body, mind and feelings and your ability to relate with the challenges that life is presenting to you through relationship and stressful situations.

An Individual session can be one-off, if you have experienced previous sessions. They can provide a simple breakthrough and clarity.

If you are looking for longer term resolution, please consider one of individual programs, where you can access weekly or fortnightly guidance and support.

The sessions are informal and relaxed. they are held within a safe, non-judgemental space for you to share, learn, grow and feel supported.

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Individual Sessions

Integrative Energy Healing

1 Session | 45 mins | $169 | Online or in-person

Brennan Healing Science
Spinal Energetics
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Therapeutic Touch.

Through a light yet powerful touch, an organic flow of movement can occur throughout your body, nervous system and energetic field.

This flow supports you to harness your innate wisdom, unwind tension and release the stories held within your body.

Within the session I may offer you guidance and encouragement with breath practices, gentle movement with sound.
My intention is to support and guide you within a safe and nurturing environment. 

The sessions provide an expansive experience of peace and well being.

They are a collaboration between us. This is a body-mind focused session.

If you require counselling support, please book an Integrative Mentoring session instead.