Integrate Your Energy - Connect with your flow - 30 Minute Individual Session

1 Session | 30 min | $95 | Online or in-person

These sessions are for when you feel stuck, out of sorts or lack motivation. They will encourage you to reconnect to your innate wisdom. Each one is unique and reflective of your current energy levels.

My focus is to provide connection and support for you as you deepen your ability to trust your body to awaken more of its natural intelligence. This has profound healing at all levels of your being. 

Subtle movements can occur within the body during the rebalancing. This is a normal and pleasurable experience that occurs as you connect and trust your own ‘flow’. For some people this occurs during the first session, for others it may take a few sessions for your body to become accustomed to this healing experience.

Gentle hands-on and hands-off healing techniques are used throughout the session along with suggestive movements and breath practices that enable a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and alignment with your heart, soul and the healing powers that lie within you.

Sessions are available on Thursday's & Friday's, online, or in-person in Mount Martha, Victoria.

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