Listening To The Spirit Of Life Retreats

Ganeshpuri, India

Date: TBC

Join me in India and experience being connected to your light, and learn to understand yourself at the deepest aspect of your being. Experience subtle spiritual energy, learn to meditate, relax with body treatments and appreciate the sunrise and sunsets with gentle walks and yoga.

 Relax and connect with likeminded people in the tranquillity of India. Visit local markets, temples and Ashram experiences.

“Within each one of us is another whom we do not know, and they speak to us in our dreams”

C.G Jung

Daily Schedule

Day 1

Airport transfer from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

Afternoon tea

Opening ceremony


Yin & Mantra Yoga 

Day 2

Sunrise Yoga and walk in Nimboli village

Temple ceremonies in Ganeshpuri

Ayurveda treatments and rest

Learn to meditate course 

Yin & Mantra Yoga

Geothermal Pool

Day 3

Sunrise Yoga

Gura Gita at Siddha Peeth Ashram

Ayurveda treatments and rest

Learn to meditate

Meditation in Siddha Peeth Ashram

Yin & Mantra Yoga

Geothermal Pool

Day 4

Sunrise Yoga

Invocation ceremony and walk to Ganesh temples

Learn to meditate course

Yagna Fire Ceremony of Release

Yin & Mantra Yoga

Sunset Walk

Geothermal Pool

Day 5

Sunrise Yoga

Shopping at Vajreshwari village market

Blessing ceremony at Devi Temple

Learn to meditate course

Yin & Mantra Yoga

Geothermal Pool

Day 6

Sunrise Yoga

Visit to Siddha Peeth Ashram for ceremony

Ayurveda treatments and rest

Group Meditation Practice

Creating Change workshop

Yin & Mantra Yoga

Geothermal Pool

Day 7

Sunrise Yoga & walk

Temple ceremonies in Ganeshpuri

Group meditation practice

Visualisation workshop

Yin & Mantra Yoga

Geothermal Pool

Day 8

Sunrise Yoga & Meditation Practice

Intention setting Workshop

Temple ceremonies and shopping in Ganeshpuri and Siddha Peeth

Yin & Mantra Yoga

Fire Ceremony and closing ceremony

Geothermal Pool

Day 9

Sunrise Yoga & meditation practice

Walk in Niboli Village

Siddha Peeth Ashram Meditation Ceremony

Close of Retreat

What others have said about past retreats…

Inner peace and ease…

The meditations with beautiful calming music were delightful. I looked forward to the practice each day. The food was amazing. My “tummy troubles” were completely non-existent while I was there. We had wonderful daily outings to temples, local towns and villages, and long walks through the country. But, the most ‘magical’ part of the retreat was the final outcome following my return. The inner peace and ease I felt and the feeling of operating from a higher understanding and existence. A wonderful experience.

Maria 2019

Profound and uplifting…

Thank you for the India Retreat, it has been the most profound, uplifting experience, in self- awareness I have ever undertaken, totally surpassing my expectations, especially for our family unit, this has enhanced our futures. Would recommend this retreat to men and families.


John 2019

Mysterious, phenomenal, incredible…

The India Retreat was a phenomenal experience! Every day was a highlight!

Many of the experiences are beyond words. Incredible! Your ability to tune into each participant and ease their transformation was humbling to witness. 

I’ve come back lighter but I’m still transitioning.  It’s all so mysterious. 

I hold so much gratitude for you and your work. Amazing.

Anonymous 2019

A perfect mix…

The “spirit of life retreat” was a truly exceptional experience. A perfect mix of yoga, meditation and self-inquiry practices with plenty of time for relaxation, conversation and tourism. I learnt so much about spiritual practices and daily life in Ganeshpuri as well as invaluable personal lessons and healing. I believe every single person that attended the retreat found a little piece of themselves they didn’t even know they were searching for and returned with a renewed sense of self and motivation to take on life’s challenges!

KH 2019

From the magical sunrise and sunsets to our spiritual healing meditations, feel at home in the beautiful surroundings of Ganeshpuri.

Reconnect with yourself and others on a journey of self-empowerment.